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Company policy

Management philosophy

Delicate and audacity, also speedy”, courage to challenge a new thing is not born only by being merely delicate. The precious consideration is not accomplished only by being merely audacity. It is necessary to make the character of antinomy as if tremendousness and minuteness for using each properly in the situations when work. We believe when delicate person acquire courage through getting experiences, he/she shall turn to be a genuine. In addition, quickness・ rapidness is demanded as the third element in the present business world. “Getting wise to a change and trend of the time in the world promptly, judge things more speedily”. Such ability is necessary. We implement our purpose in the world [Global] and local [Local] to be [Glocal] with our motto, “Delicate, and audacity, also speedy”.


CEO : Shuichiro Takabatake

Our company name is our original word. This is the cross between the “Global” and the “local”.

GLOCAL CORP., our mission is information transmitting regarding a variety of Made in Japan’s products from Shikokuchuo-city, where is one of provincial cities in Ehime prefecture toward the world of global scale. The provincial cities have a lot of great products which has not been known yet. We introduce and export those great products to overseas, and also would like to be the bridge that cross between the provincial cities and the world.

In addition, our Shikokuchuo-city is the best city of “Paper” in Japan.

In the manufacturing process of paper manufacture industry and paper processing industry, a great variety of industrial chemicals and various material are used due to giving strength, luster, colors, textures on paper, and giving paper secondary products various functions and added value. We import these chemicals and material directly from the foreign countries as well as inside Japan to contribute to the papermaker or the paper processing company in here as one of our tasks.

We are aiming for the region-based company and expand the present business globally, as if “Glocal” company.

Thank you very much for your support, not to change of all of you heartily in future.



Correspondence in accurate and speedy

Introducing all high quality’s made in Japan products

Secure the variety supply sources in many fields

Abundant knowledge and experience regarding the import and export business

A variety of business results through international BTOB site

The closer cooperation system with the Japanese public institution


Baby’s Goods・Mothers’ goods

The skin of the baby is very sensitive. Also, the skin of the mother turn to be sensitive by changing of the quantity of female hormone from the pregnancy over the after giving the birth. A lot of baby and mother’s goods made in Japan considered such both situations, and are popularity from all over the world. In addition, there are many products which are put ingenuity in (mug cup, dripping nose cleaner, milking squeeze machine, etc.) which is not sold in the overseas’ markets.

Sanitary protectionpaper-products

The demand for “diaper for adults” will increase on a global scale in a half of century future from now on with global aging. New product development advances about “the light incontinence article” for the elder and middle age more and more in Japan. And, the Japanese sanitary napkin is thin and is light also is high-performance, those variations are abundant. Other sanitary protection goods (antifebrile material and others) made in Japan of high quality are released for the world.

Cosmeticstoiletry products

The “cosmetics made in Japan” has started to attract attention in the world in late years. The Japanese woman is highly concerned for beauty, their skin care is very polite and gentle and there are a lot of numbers’ cosmetics also different kinds of. The drugstore in Japan developed and there is a background which is not to be able to survive if the cosmetics is not high quality but, low price.

Daily necessitiesothers

The phenomenon that the tourists to the Japan bought up high quality paper diaper and powdered milk was happened, and those goods were disappeared from the stores. In addition, even if the daily necessities of Japan such as the shampoo, toothbrush, condom, edible lap, nail clippers have high price, those high quality Japanese goods are very popular. The class of wealth people in all world countries demands Japan product of high quality.


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