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    Privacy Policy

    Glocal Corp Co., Ltd., the protection of personal information is recognized as an important social responsibility, has established the following Privacy Policy, personal information handling, management, we will strive to maintain.
    1. Acquisition of personal information, use and provides 
      the acquisition of personal information, upon the use and provision, to recognize the importance of protecting personal information, we will implement appropriate handling.
    2. Implementation of safety measures 
      the Company, for personal information, and to maintain optimal system in order to carry out the strict management, a reasonable safety management measures that, unauthorized access to personal information, personal information loss, destruction, falsification, we will ensure the prevention and corrective measures against leakage and the like.
    3. Implementation of continuous improvement 
      company, to establish a management system for personal information protection, implementation, as well as maintain, strive it to regularly review continuous improvement.
    4. Compliance with laws and regulations 
      The Company, Upon the handling of personal information, we will comply with the guidelines and other norms laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, the country set.

    Glocal Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) is to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations, the personal information you provide is properly managed, and handling as follows.

    Use of personal information

    personal information you provide to us, in whole or in part, will be available for the following purposes.

    In order to provide such as your registration or your application our services

    (social Notice – Greetings by the convention, including the contact with stakeholders necessary to the service provider)

    • Your order, order to deliver such goods had you apply
    • Exhibition, for the guidance of the events, such as seminars
    • To report such results to the people that had you cooperation and your participation in such surveys and events
    • Direct mail, e-mail delivery, to provide the use of such facsimile communications services
    • To judgment and inform the adoption of propriety for job application
    • Other for business related, incidental to the business

    Provision of personal information

    it is, unless it is based on the case or decree gotten customer’s consent, to disclose personal information that we had provided by your customer to a third party, will not provide.

    Deposit of personal information

    our company, in order to achieve the purpose of use of personal information, there is a case to deposit your personal information to our contractors. We are, if you want to deposit your personal information to our contractors, as well to select the appropriate contractor, etc. to clarify the contract for contract obligations and responsibilities, personal information is safely in contractors We will properly supervise to be managed.

    Shared use of personal information

    our company, if necessary, the personal information that we receive from our customers, you may want to interoperate as follows.

    Shared use item: company name, affiliation, job title, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address

    co-users of the range: our company, and affiliated companies described in our annual report

    co-user of the purpose of use: related to our business It was service, beneficial and appropriate in order to provide our customers

    who have a responsibility for the management of personal data: craftsmanship, Inc.

    The handling of personal information with a link to an external

    web site that we operated might if it contains a link to an external. Handling and management of personal information in the external site, our company is not responsible for posted content. Please contact us directly to the linked site.

    About the use of cookies (Cookie)

    in our Web site, we use some cookies (Cookie) in order to provide the best service to our customers. Do not get the information, such as personally identifiable information from this cookie (Cookie).

    Acquisition of access history

    in our web site, for the purpose of statistics and analysis of your site usage, you may want to get the access history. By the acquisition of access history, you do not get the information, such as our company is able to personally identifiable information.

    Each product, service, for the handling of personal information for each business

    our company, products, services, use of personal information for each business, provide to a third party, contact, etc., set individually for the handling of their personal information There is a case.

    In that case, when there is a different set or special set “Handling For personal information”, it will be the each product, service, to be applied in favor of the matters relating to personal information handling was determined for each business.

    Disclosure of your registration details, for correction and suspension of use, etc.

    If there is a request to stop such disclosure and provide to the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasing and third party personal information about yourself from the customer, and your .. received on it to make sure it is the person in question, we will respond as soon as there is no special reason.

    Contact Information


    1391, Noda, Doi-cho,
    Ehime, 799-0705, Japan
    TEL: 81-896-74-0770
    FAX: 81-896-74-0771



    1391, Noda, Doi-cho,
    Ehime, 799-0705, Japan
    TEL: 81-896-74-0770
    FAX: 81-896-74-0771